Morden Classic Car Show

Sunday 16th July 2017 at Morden Family Funday

Join us at The Morden Family Funday with your classic car for only £2.00

              American Classic Cars

Austin 10 Cambridge.
This beauty has only 4100 miles(yes 4100 mile, AUTHENTICATED BY THE OWNERS CLUB and although the first six owners spanned over 40 years all the owners where of the same family and she just got passed around them.
A colleague owned it for 20 years and when i purchased it I have owned it ever since. Originally deep royal blue and when i restored it i changed it to Oxford Blue..
I call it Jemima, dont ask me why cos i have no idea but it sounds right.
The engine has never been apart as the gearbox also, although i did inspect the clutch when i bought it but it was as new so was returned to the vehicle.
Paul Dulake, Owner

"That's da sound of da Police"

Classic Rover

   Oldest Car in Show?

1931 Ford. Perhaps the oldest classic in the Show.

1972 Plymouth

Ford Anglia's Back again in 2017.

British Classics

Bedford CA Romany Dormobile

Fiat Uno Turbo

State Trooper!

Ford Tudor Deluxe

Model T Hotrod

1967 Mk II Cortina GT

First Classic Booked for 2017

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